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   Welcome to Omni Reptiles Company, John Kreatsoulas, the owner and founder of Omni Reptiles. Since I was a young boy I have been chasing this love for reptiles.  It all started with my dad.  He is a Tropical fish importer and when he first started in the business he was a broker.  Every weekend we would ride around all across the state picking up fish from the fish farmers.  

  All the fish farmers got to know me real good.  I was the little boy who loved turtles.  Every week I would ask the farmers to save all of the baby and smaller sized turtles that they caught in their ponds for me.  Back at home I had tanks & ponds setup to keep all the turtles in.

  Eventually I started breeding some of the turtles.   Three Stripe Mud turtles were the first turtles I set up to breed.  After doing so I realized how easy and fun it was.  I then started venturing into other areas and started breeding snakes and chameleons too.

  As I grew older I started dealing with some of the biggest reptile dealers in the Country.  Bringing them snakes, chameleons, turtles.  All stuff my buddies and I bred and collected.  After a few years of doing so I decided to quit my full time job and journey into the reptile business.  

  We now have a huge selection of reptiles from around the world.  What started out 20 years ago as a hobby has now turned into my life's passion and I couldn't dream of doing anything else then working with  the most exciting animals of the world.  

  We specialize in the best quality of captive bred and field collected animals available including ; Ball pythons, Turtles & Tortoises, Colubrid snakes, Boa constrictors, Tegus, Monitors, Chameleons, Iguanas, Agamas, Geckos, Skinks, Desert Lizards, Uromastyx, Crocodiles, Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, Newts, Scorpions, Tarantulas and Mammals.

  Our goal is to supply you with the healthiest animals and to give you a great experience with purchasing animals online.  We ask if you do find a better price on something to email us and give us a chance to beat it.  All of our animals are priced at reasonable prices and backed with our 100% Live arrival guarantee.    We hope you enjoy our site.


John Kreatsoulas

Owner - Omni Reptiles