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Omni reptiles retail price list

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Malagasy Giant Plated Lizards  small $85

Abronia Graminea males $100

Abronia Graminea M/FM Pairs $250

Abronia Deppi males $200

Abronia Deppi M/FM Pairs $500

Tropical Night Lizards (Lepidophyma Tuxtlae) CBB Babies $150

Giant Black Sailfin Dragons (Hydrosaurus amboinensis) $300

Moroccan Uromastyx Babies $150


Monitors / Tegus / Iguanas

Red Tegu Babies $235

Black Roughneck Monitor $225

Palu Water Monitor Babies $250

Sumatran Water Monitor Babies $125

Sumbawa Water Monitor Baby $250

Madura Island Water Monitor adult male $1,100

Yellow Quince Monitor Babies $350

Blue Tail Monitors small $600 (Small and colorful, TAME!!)

CH2016 Pale Green Tree Monitor (Varanus kordensis) $1,000

CH2016 Yellow Tree Monitor (Varanus reisingeri) $1,750

CH2017 Yellow Tree Monitor Baby (Varanus reisingeri) $1,750

CH2017 Blue / Green Tree Monitor Baby (Varanus prasinus) $1,200 (BLUE!!!)

CH2017 Banded White Throat Monitor Babies $500

Banded White Throat Monitors 3 Feet 1 male 1 female imports $800/pair

Tiger Phase Pectinata Iguanas $400



Carpet Chameleon Pairs $150

Ambanja Panther Chameleons adult males $235

Giant One Horned Chameleons 6-7" $200

Veiled Chameleons Sm 4-5" $30

Veiled Chameleons Med $45

Veiled Chameleons Lg $65



Lined Leaf Tail Gecko Pairs (Lineatus) $500

Spearpoint Leaf Tail Geckos (1 male 2 female Trio) $900

Lucy tokay geckos $1,200

Madagascan Giant Day Gecko $50

Green Eye Gecko (G.smithi) $35

Tokay Gecko $25

Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko Pairs $140

Mozambique Tiger Gecko Pairs $75



Halmahera Blue Tongue Skinks Exceptional (Big babies) $200

Halmahera Blue Tongue Skinks $150



Giant False Brook Salamanders (Peudoeurycea gigantea) $200


Pythons / Boas / Miscellaneous Snakes

Sumatran Red Blood Python Babies $75

Biak Green Tree Pythons $265

Halmahera Giant Tree Boa Female (Candoia pulsoni) $175

Viper Boas $250

Colombian Red Tail Boa (1 year olds) $100

Hypo Colombian Red Tail Boa (1 year olds) $125



Classic Corn Snake 3 foot $50

Grey Ratsnake Adult Males $40

Okeetee Corn Snake Babies $40

Classic Corn Snake Babies $25

Amel Albino Corn Snake Babies $50

Amel Corn Snake Babies $50

Amel Striped Corn Snake Babies $50

Anery Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Anery Stripe Corn Snake Babies $50

Blood Red Corn Snake Babies $50

Blood Red Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Caramel Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Caramel Stripe Corn Snake Babies $50

Charcoal Corn Snake Babies $50

Gold Dust Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Gold Dust Pinstripe Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Granite Pinstripe Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Motley Tessera Corn Snake Babies $50

Pinstripe Motley Corn Snake Babies $50

Striped Corn Snake Babies $50

Tessera Corn Snake Babies $50

Ultramel Corn Snake $50

UItramel Motley Corn Snake $50



Albino Red Ear Slider Female babies $200

Albino Red Ear Slider Female Imperfect babies $125

Hybino Red Ear Slider Female babies $350

Lubino Red Ear Slider Female babies $350

Florida Snapping Turtle babies $35

Three Stripe Mud Turtle babies $35

Stinkpot Musk Babies $25

Narrow Bridge Musk 3" $150

Florida Mud Turtle Adult Pairs $300

Oaxaca Mud Turtles 1.2 $500

Mexican giant musk babies $150

Herreras mud turtle babies $150

Salvinni giant musk turtle 3-4" FM $200

Peruvian Mata Mata 4" $185

Florida Chicken Turtle Adult Pairs $400

Florida Snapping Turtle Sub Adult Females $100

Mexican Painted Wood Turtles (Rhinoclemmys pulcherima) Males $200

Mexican Spotted Wood Turtles (Rhinoclemmys rubida) Females $200



Red foot babies $80

Sulcata babies (Perfect scute) $50

Sulcata babies (Imperfect scute) $40

Leopard babies $105

Leopard Well Started High White Juvies $250

Yellow Foot 6 to 8 inch $175

Spekes Hingeback Tortoise M/FM Pairs $150



*Shipping is the buyers responsibility.  

*Export minimum orders $2,000.00.  Plus additional fees.  

*Payments accepted thru PayPal or bank deposit.  If paid with PayPal 3.5% PayPal fee will be included in your total.   PayPal not accepted for payment on international orders.  Bank wire only. 

*Any animals requested to be sexed will be.  However we can not guarantee the sexes on any animals.  

*Turtles and tortoises under 4" are sold for scientific, educational and export purposes only.  Not sold for pets.


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