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100 Lot Feeder Brown Anoles (LIVE)

100 Lot Feeder Brown Anoles (LIVE)

We are offering available 100 lots of LIVE feeder Brown Anoles.  These are great feeders for many species of reptiles.  Size will be mixed from smalls to large.  Anywhere from 2.5 to 5 inches. 

$150.00 for 100 plus shipping

SHIPPING : We ship FedEx Priority overnight anywhere in the USA for $100.00.

PAYMENT : WE accept PayPal and all Major Credit cards.

PACKING : We use Styrofoam insulated reptile shipping boxes and add heat and cold
packs when needed.

GUARANTEE : Live arrival is guaranteed on all lizards, turtles and snakes!!

You can contact us by email : or by phone (239) 645-6347.

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