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Florida Chicken Turtle Babies

Florida Chicken Turtle Babies

We have a nice group of captive born and bred Florida Chicken Turtles (Deirochelys reticularia chrysea).  All are feeding on mazuri turtle commercial turtle food.  Chicken turtles make awesome pet turtles and don't grow to be real big. Adult females max out in the 8 to 10 inch size range and males much smaller around 6" max. They have long necks and snap at food like snapping turtles.

$125.00 each - Plus shipping

SHIPPING : We ship FedEx Priority overnight anywhere in the USA for a flat $50.00.

PAYMENT : WE accept PayPal and all Major Credit cards.

PACKING : We use Styrofoam insulated reptile shipping boxes and add heat and cold packs when needed.

GUARANTEE : Live arrival is guaranteed on all lizards, turtles and snakes!!

You can contact us by email : or by phone (239) 645-6347.

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